When we think of a missing person we typically think of someone who unintentionally just disappeared for some reason. While this is true it just barely scrapes the surface of someone missing. We help locate others or property for assorted reason


Need a subpeona served for a court appearance. No matter if its a compliant or non compliant individual we will take care of getting them served for you.


Lets look at general missing persons

We tend to think of children whom have went missing which we do investigate. Also we look into any age of a person that may suffer from medical conditions such as such as alzheimer's. Medical conditions are not limited to a certain age.

child support conditions

After a judge hands down the agreements of a child support case it is a very tense situation. A lot of parents just refuse to pay. Of those they refuse some just disappear intentionally. Now some are unintentional such as incarceration. What ever the case let us help your child get what is owed to them.


Lets look at alimony

In a divorce settlement case the spouse that is sentenced to pay alimony just don't want to pay. Often they will relocate and try to start over while some just stay close but refuse to pay. Let us help you get what is deserved.

lost or stolen property

Often propery is lost or stolen. It may be a sentimental item or anything that just cannot be located.  No matter the case it is your property. We use our resources to help you locate that property.


Next Steps...

Contact us so we can help you bring closure to a missing person or missing property case.