Collision insurancre fraud

Auto insurance rates keep getting higher not only because of the amount of collisions but also collision insurace fraud. People set out daily looking for the perfect situation to purposely cause a collision where YOU will be found at fault. Imagine simple someone pulls out in front of you and slams on brakes where you run into the back of them.


Also  imagine if you are in a legitimate collision. Afterwards either on the scene or later someone is claiming injuries that leave you wondering how. Sure injuries are common in collisions but more and more are false claims.

After all my years of Law Enforcement I retired from the South Carolina Highway Patrol. My main duty was to investigate collisions and received constant training.


workers compensation fraud

In 2016 10 out of 100 workers were injured on the job. Just think about that a minute.

Out of those 10 imagine how many are legitimate claims? How many are fraud cases? It's hard to tell but what does it hurt to triple check and make sure?

Think about all of that and give us a call!


Next Steps...

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